What’s New

Upcoming release

v0.4.1 (21 Feb. 2020)

  • Improved documentation

  • Improved unit testing

  • Bug fix:
    • Fix a bug in the preprocessing step using dask_ml bakend that would cause an error for data already in dask arrays

v0.4.0 (1 Nov. 2019)


The API has changed, break backward compatibility.

  • Enhancements:

    • Multiple-features classification

    • ND-Array classification (so that you can classify directly profiles from gridded products, eg: latitude/longitude/time grid, and not only a collection of profiles already in 2D array)

    • pyXpcm methods can be accessed through the xarray.Dataset accessor namespace pyxpcm

    • Allow to choose statistic backends (sklearn, dask_ml or user-defined)

    • Save/load PCM to/from netcdf files

  • pyXpcm now consumes xarray/dask objects all along, not only on the user front-end. This add a small overhead with small dataset but allows for PCM to handle large and more complex datasets.

v0.3 (5 Apr. 2019)

  • Removed support for python 2.7

  • Added more data input consistency checks

  • Fix bug in interpolation and plotting methods

  • Added custom colormap and colorbar to plot module

v0.2 (26 Mar. 2019)

  • Upgrade to python 3.6 (compatible 2.7)

  • Added test for continuous coverage

  • Added score and bic methods

  • Improved vocabulary consistency in methods

v0.1.3 (12 Nov. 2018)

  • Initial release.